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PEPE, a UK based charity, works to help empower the rural people of South Africa to lift themselves from the devastating effects of poverty.

We believe aid has often failed because short-term hand outs create further dependency for the people. More than this, government and corporate organisations often put profit before people and environment.

PEPE’s aim is to bring an end to aid in rural South Africa.

We promote skills training and education at a grassroots level. We support projects that give locals the expertise, knowledge, and confidence to uplift themselves and their community out of poverty and achieve basic human rights – food security, shelter, water and more. We promote ownership of problems by supporting and encouraging community organisations to approach and challenge local institutions in a positive way to deliver the services they should have by right.

Currently PEPE supports two long-term projects in the Eastern Cape of South Africa promoting personal self-esteem, key-skills, and independent lives.



IMG_2349Sisonke School
– a school with a humanistic based approach to education and learning and a rural life-skills training project.
– a farming collective learning and teaching organic food production techniques: a skill fuelling change in food insecure regions and protecting the environment for years to come.











We encourage the creation of small sustainable enterprises within the community once life-skills are developed. This is critical to strengthening the local economy and providing sustainable incomes in rural areas where there is little or no employment.

It is the communities and the people – their mind set, skills and knowledge which is critical for a sustainable way out of poverty and reliance.

Support PEPE in its work to let some of the world’s poorest and most deprived people  become independent and banish the crippling affects of poverty from their lives.

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