Sisonke News May 2014

Valarie is making great strides forward with the teachers in creating the foundations for uplifting and expanding the school to move. Your donations have helped enormously with small stipends for the staff to keep going during this transitional phase but firmly on the agenda is a meeting with the parents to discuss what fees they can afford, parental responsibility and energy exchange options with their time and effort at the school.

On the administration side registration to maintain NPO status has been submitted, as has an online application to become a business. This will ensure the school can benefit from Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) funds from the corporate world. A meeting is being sought with the District Manager for Education in order to register as a school.


Valarie bottom left with teachers Ayanda,Lumka, TK and Sindile

Manor Green school in Maidenhead, where Valarie was the deputy head, has sent a shipment of learning resources, and delivery of these is being awaited. There is also the possibility of a tuck shop in the future (healthy options) to help raise funds, although this will need a more secure and spacious site.

We have provided some funds as well for the school to approach local chiefs to gain land for a new school site. This will remove future uncertainty about tenure and of course bring the school much closer to the rural communities it serves. The areas identified are close to the centre of Port St Johns, have tar road access and easily reached by local transport ensuring that none of the current students will be excluded.

It is planned that from term three, starting in July, some of the grades will be taught at Valarie’s New Frontiers site, which is local to Sisonke School, creating capacity for new students to be admitted at the town site.

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