Welcome to BAMBOOKA – an innovative and unique brand of sunglasses – from an innovative new company – Eyewear Africa.

By buying a pair of Bambooka sunglasses you will be helping PEPE to achieve its goals, and thus help people in the poverty stricken Transkei.

What is so special about Bambooka?

Hand-made in bamboo, they are light, comfortable and simply a great fit.

They are fitted with a quality CR39 lens, offering 100% UVA* protection. A number of key designs are available, each available in two/three sizes, so minimal adjustment will be needed. Bamboo is extremely strong, yet very light, resulting in a comfortable, natural fit. We are proud that we can offer sunglasses that are made of a completely natural and sustainable material. In our view, because it grows so fast, in 5 years from a small plant to maturity, bamboo will be the top sustainably sourced material for the 21st century.

The current product range of Bambooka sunglasses are all hand made by Takemoto, a renowned eye-wear designer based in China, who also makes spectacles and reading glasses. Takemoto is fully supportive of the social mission of our company, and has given us the exclusive rights to sell Bambooka sunglasses in Europe.

Eye-Wear Africa Ltd

And so, Eye-Wear Africa Ltd was born: the exclusive distributors of Bambooka sunglasses. This British based social enterprise was formed by a small group of innovative entrepreneurs with a social consciousness. The company seeks to use its profit purely to the benefit of people in Africa, helping them to set up a sustainable business. None of its employees are paid a salary. Ultimately it seeks to transfer the production of Bambooka sunglasses to South Africa, and establish a local production-facility there.

So one of the first aims in 2012 is to establish a plantation of bamboo at Amasame, in South Africa’s Transkei region, which will grow to maturity over the coming few years. The bamboo will not only be used to provide the raw material for future Bambooka sunglasses, but will have other uses in the village, such as housing and building construction, drainage, fencing etc.

We have had all sorts of help in creating the Bambooka range and thanks go out not only to Takemoto, but also an enthusiastic bunch of creative students who designed the Bambooka logo and of course the shops who have enthusiastically endorsed our products by displaying them for all the world to see!

More information

For more details on Bambooka products or Eye-Wear Africa Ltd, please visit our site on or simply email us on Telephone +44 (0) 203 2741099.

*UVA wavelengths(320-400 nm) are only slightly affected by ozone levels. Most UVA radiation is able to reach the earth’s surface and can contribute to tanning, skin aging, eye damage, and immune suppression. UV 400 Protection lenses are engineered to block 100% of all harmful blue light up to 400 nano-meters.